Who are the Beatnik Tiki Tribe?

The Beatnik Tikis are a tribe of 4,999 procedurally generated NFT avatars created on the Ethereum blockchain. These can be considered the “genesis” collection as they yield $HULA. There are also rumours that Moecca Island is home to other tribes that inhabit the dense lush jungle in the centre of the island.

How can I get one?

The original collection is sold out but you can buy one on OpenSea, Nifty Gateway and Rarible.

How unique is my Tiki?

Every Beatnik Tiki is guaranteed unique. The collection is generated by combining over 150 possible attributes with different levels of rarity.

What is the Treasure Pot?

A pot of ETH generated from a 1.5% portion of royalties on secondary market sales. Tribe members will decide how the pot is allocated in ways that benefit the project and various charitable organisations.

What is $HULA?

$HULA is the utility token of Moecca Island and sits at the heart of the world we are building. You can spend $HULA at the PikiPiki shop and more utility will be added over time. Please remember $HULA is NOT at investment and has no economic value. Each Tiki in the oringal collection yields $HULA tokens every day for the next 10 years.

What is Tiki Tidepool Fishing?

A unique, P2E fishing game available exclusively to Beatnik Tiki Tribe holders. Fish for fun, participate in fishing tournaments with the tribe and mint your catch!

Who’s the Team?

We’re a group of Computer Scientists, Artists and Brand Strategists. Located between London, Oxford and San Francisco we are united in our belief that NFTs represent a new frontier and are set to form the building blocks of the virtual economy.

How can I contact you?

You can find us on Twitter and Discord or feel free to drop an email to hello@mantissalabs.co