Welcome to
Moecca Island

The Beatnik Tikis are a tribe of unique, programmatically generated NFTs created on the Ethereum blockchain. Their island home is a tropical paradise that holds many secrets waiting to be discovered!

10 individually crafted Tribe members
with unique roles on the island

Who are the Beatnik Tikis?

The original collection of 4,999 Beatnik Tikis has sold out

The Beatnik Tikis are collectable, NFTs created on the ETH blockchain

Moecca Island is the vibrant, gamified world being built around the collection

Every Tiki in the original collection yields $HULA every day for 10 years

Each Beatnik Tiki is completely unique, and some are much rarer than others

Full IP ownership and commercial usage rights granted to all owners

Moecca activations are unlockable by the community over time

Each Tiki in the original collection yields $HULA tokens every day for the next 10 years. $HULA is the utility token of Moecca Island and sits at the heart of the world we are building. You can spend $HULA at the PikiPiki shop, and more utility will be added over time.

$HULA is not an investment and has no economic value.

Mr PikiPiki has opened his shop!

Moecca Island is home to the original Beatnik Tiki Tribe, and other mysterious tribes and creatures that inhabit different parts of this tropical island paradise

A P2E fishing game exclusively for Beatnik Tiki holders. Mint fish and other sea creatures - or catch treasure chests filled with ETH, $HULA or other NFTs!

Exploring Moecca island

The island will be explored through a gamified roadmap where milestone progress is driven by community achievement

Discord established, including a team of moderators and community managers

1.5ETH award for the development of a project voted for by the tribe

First drop of limited-edition merch allocated to random owners

Custom Tiki merch becomes available

$HULA utility token launched and the PikiPiki shop opens on Moecca Island

First charity contribution is made to Plastic Oceans from the Treasure Pot

Tiki Tidepool Fishing is launched with access available initially to the Sunshine Pool

New ways to spend $HULA become available

Jungle and Stone Pools open for fishing and aquariums become available to display your catches

Second drop of super cool limited addition merch available to purchase by the tribe

Dark Jungle collection of 3D Tikis launched

We create a new area of Moecca Island in the metaverse

Moecca Island fishing tournament with huge ETH prize begins at The Tidepool

The Volcano erupts and the Volcano Spirit Collection becomes claimable

We issue Roadmap 2.0 as we continue to build the Beatnik Tiki Tribe!